772's Cookie Dough Fundraiser*


What is being sold?

Cookie dough, loaves, an icing kit. If you order online, you can even buy magazine subscriptions!

Until when can I buy cookie dough?

Until January 28th, 2017!

How will I get my cookie dough?

Cookie dough will be delivered to the team. If your order was taken by another team member or relative, ask them if they are able to give it to you directly. If you are going to pick up your own cookie dough, please come to the location (TBA) on delivery day.

When will I get my cookie dough?

Delivery Day is the 21st of February, 2017.

How do I order online?
A step by step can be found here!

*Cookie dough is being directly delivered to the team. If you don't have a team member to give you your cookie dough, you will have to pick it up. Our pick-up location is TBA, but it will be in the LaSalle, ON area. Sorry for any inconvenience.




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If you would like to learn more about the FIRST organization, you can receive more information on the FIRST website.  If you would like to create your own FRC team, click here for more information or visit the FIRST Canada website.

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Check out the 5th Annual Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event in 2018.  

Looking forward to the 6th Annual Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event from March 28th to the 30th, 2019. 

More information is available on the FIRST Canada Website.

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