FIRST Community Growth

FRC Teams​

773     Kingsville High School

4595   Maranatha Christian Academy

4688   St. Anne's Catholic High School

4716   Assumption College High School

4903   Vincent Massey High School

4920   Belle River District High School

4921   Harrow District High School

4922   Walkerville Collegiate Academy

4923   St Joseph's Catholic High School

4932   Cardinal Carter Catholic High School

4936   Tecumseh Vista Academy

4938   École Secondaire Michel-Gratton

4940   Holy Names Catholic High School

5221   Sandwich Teen Action Group

5408   Kennedy Collegiate

5426   E.J. Lajeunesse

5689   C.K. Cyber Pack

5885   Villanova Wired Cats

6202   Windsor Essex CAS

6331   École Secondaire Catholique l'Essor

6537   Windsor Islamic High School

6544   A-Team Robotics

6875   Build a Dream Robotics

7800   Electric Comets

FLL Teams

925      TVA   Tecumseh Vista Academy

965      Ms. Wang Class   Private Class

1483    Lakeview E=MC Hammer   Lakeview Montessori #1

1485    Lakeview Hufflepuffs   Lakeview Montessori #2

1486    Lakeview Smarticles   Lakeview Montessori #3

1488    Lakeview Lightning   Lakeview Montessori #4

2154    Les Faucons   Michel Gratton L'Ecole

2987    Kingsville Public School Cobras   Kingsville Public School

4279    Ivy Leaves   Bellewood Public School

4389    Supersonics   Centerline

5331    EagleBots

6571    Sacred Heart School

7981    VeriFastBots   Centerline

8527    FLCA   First Lutherian Christan Academy

10865  St. Anthony's Sabretrons   St. Anthony's Catholic School

11314  Northwood Gigaknights   Northwood Public School

11534  Sacred Heart Nerdie Birdies   Sacred Heart Catholic School

12322  Holy Cross Huskies   Holy Cross Catholic School

12331  Robobisons   Bellewood Public School

13564  Lego Bots   Essex Weld Solutions

13738  Infinity Too   Maranata Christine Academy

13769  Lakeview Vipers   Lakeview Montessori #5

13856  CCMS Cardinals   Chorpus Christi

14328  Prototypical Jaguars 1.0   St. John Catholic School

14432  CanAsia Spark Robotics   CanAsia Foundation

14650  Vista 2   Tecumseh Vista Academy

14898  Bisons in Motion   Bellewood Public School

15791  Essex Architeers   Essex Library

15800  Lego Bots Too  

15978  Flex-Fast Lites   Centerline

16274  Mount Carmel Master Builders   Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic

16026  Marlborough Public School

16504  Lego Bots 3.14

16541  A21 Academy

17708  Bellewood Public School

19305  Wildcats   St. Williams Catholic 

20383  Elements of Surprise  Holy Names Catholic School

20650  Vikingbotics  Queen Victoria Public School

20997  St. Pius Pacers   St. Pius Catholic School

22062  LaSalle Rosiebots

22476  Demarias Dragons Team A    L.A. Demarias Catholic

28326  Demarias Dragons Team B    L.A. Demarias Catholic

26878    LaSalle Rosiebros
28739    Hydro Huskies
26944    M.I.S.Tery Solvers
26487    Rain Regents
27023    Glenwood Gears
27894    Glenwood Glendroids
24512    St. Joseph's Black Knights
28114    SabreBytes 
29454    Lassalline Lightning 
34131    Hawkbots
34379    Leamington Livewires
31225    SJB Lazerbots
31014    LaSalle Mechanix
30854    Raybots
30970    Team Code X
30950    L'Essor Publlic School
35270    LaSalle RosieBricks
34734    Raindrops
35852    RoboKnights
36710    Pajama Panthers

23244    Gadget Girls
23245    Robo Bros

24117    Chargers

34597    Dresden Area Central School


Ju Wang Dragons

Ju Wang Lizards

A21 Academy Eaglebots Jr

Lego Bots Jr

Lego Bots Jr Too

Lego Motion

CanAsia Jr Lego

Queen VIctoria

Jr Lego Michigan Team




Inspiration and

Recognition of

Science and


If you would like to learn more about the FIRST organization, you can receive more information on the FIRST website.  If you would like to create your own FRC team, click here for more information or visit the FIRST Canada website.

Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional


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Check out the 5th Annual Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event in 2018.  

Looking forward to the 6th Annual Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event from March 28th to the 30th, 2019. 

More information is available on the FIRST Canada Website.