Safety Information and Help


Hello! Welcome to Team 772 Sabre Bytes Robotics: Safety Information and Help page. 

Here you can look at what we do as a team to practice safety along with what we do to encourage and educate other people on safety. Feel free to take any information and ideas that we implement and incorporate them into your own teams :). Safety is not a secret and the sharing of information and ideas between teams is encouraged!


Obtaining information from websites and other resources is a great way to find new tips and ideas for safety. When looking for information on safety make sure the sites use are reputable. Acquiring bad or false facts can be dangerous and could put your teammates at risk. Here are a few starting sites that can help you on your way to keeping your team safe:


Cheif Delphi is a great site for asking safety questions and getting help with concerns you may have.

The Basics and Getting started

There are a few items and pieces of information that all teams need to know about safety. This section is designed to give a sort of launch pad for teams to get started on with safety  

Safety Manual

The safety manual is the official rules and regulations created by First Robotics . It will give teams the general outline of what safety means to First and the rules that need to be followed while participating in First. 
The Safety Manual can be found here:

The Safety Manual is a great place to start for teams who have questions and need information on what is expected and required for safety at First Robotics. Safety Captain should be very familiar to the Safety manual and should have a copy of it on hand in the event it is needed. All team members should read the safety manual at least once and be familiar with the safety rules and regulations listed in the manual. 

Safety Equipment 

Whether working at home or at competitions there are pieces of equipment necessary for all team members to wear. These pieces of equipment are non optional and demanded by First to be worn at all times while working in the pits. 

Safety Glasses 

Whether at competitions or at home, while in the pit area all team members should have safety glasses on at all times. Safety glasses protect eyes from flying objects and harmful substances. It is recommended that team members have their own pair of safety glasses to bring to competitions. At competitions there are safety glasses tables located at entrances to the pits. It is ill-advised to take these safety glasses as the safety glasses in those tables are meant for parents and spectators not FIRST members.

Should team members have regular glasses already on they are not considered safe to wear alone and safety glasses are needed to be worn over-top. There are specific safety glasses made for people with normal glasses and they can be purchased online or at a local hard-wear store. Alternatively there are "safety shields" that can be clipped onto normal glasses. However, make sure the shields purchased are approved by FIRST safety regulations. 

Closed Toe Shoes

While working in the pit area closed toe shoes are a absolute necessity. Sharp and/or heavy objects and be found throughout the pit area. Closed toe shoes give at least some form protection should on of these objects fall. 

Long Hair Or Dangling Clothing Must Be Tied Back Or Tucked Away 

Moving parts can be found all throughout the pit area (such as robots, drills etc). Long hair or loose clothing can get caught very easily inside these machines and could cause harm. Please be sure while in the pits to tie back any long hair (in a ponytail for example) or tuck in any loose clothing. 

Behavior in the Pits 

While in the pit a good behavior and level head goes a long way. The pits can be a stressful and tense place. Keeping a level head and remaining calm is essential when working in the pits and helps insure a safe working environment. Common sense is one of your greatest tools while in the pits. Knowing basic things like no running or horse play go a long way and helps keep everyone safe. 

Essential Pit Items

Fire Extinguisher

Every team should have a fire extinguisher in the case of a fire or emergency. Not having a fire extinguisher in your pits can lead to wasted time searching for one form other teams in the instance of a fire. Those few seconds could be the difference between a little fire and a monstrous flame. The fire extinguisher should be in a place visible and easy to access for all team members so in case of an emergency it easy to find and get.  

When using a fire extinguisher remember PASS: 

PULL the pin in the handle 

AIM the nozzle at the base of the fire 

SQUEEZE the lever slowly 

SWEEP form side to side 

Battery Spill Kit 

Batteries contain battery acid which is very toxic and deadly. Sometimes whether because of an accident or age battery acid can leak out of a battery. If this happens we use a battery acid spill kit to clean it up. Battery acid spill kits usually contain a neutralizing agent to neutralize the battery acid and some form of cleaner. To neutralize the battery acid simply pour the neutralizing agent onto the acid. This will neutralize the acid and make it easy to clean up. Make sure all the battery acid is cleaned up as acid residue can be very deadly.