772 This Week

Now that build season has started, we have been working quite hard to prepare for any upcoming competitions!

Programming has been working on a vision code which allows the person who controls the robot to be able to see what the robot is doing. They’ve also fixed a code that sends one code to another.

Electrical has worked hard on sorting through all of their spare wire, and testing all of their components to see what works, and what doesn’t work.

Mechanical has been hard at work designing their robot, making rough calculations, and taking inventory on all of their supply’s.

Public relations has been thinking hard on a business plan. They have also been trying to find sponsors, and helping communications make the chairman’s award.

Lastly communications has been working on the chairman’s award, the woody flower award, and making buttons. They have also been making some final touches to the website.

Overall, it’s been a great week for the Sabre Bytes. Keep it up team!

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