St. Louis World Championships

DAY ONE:  Wednesday, April 23

The unloading creaw arrived at the heavily populated Edward Jones Dome aroung 5:30PM to drop off the toolboxes and cabinets for the pits.  When we arrived, it took fifteen minutes until we were able to secure a spot for the truck to park and open the trailer.  The pits opened at 6:00 and despite the large number of people, we were able to get in fairly quickly. When we got into the pits, we headed towards our own pit, maneuvering all the long cabinets through the aisles filled with crates containing robots.  When we arrived at our pit, we soent about three hours setting up and making sure our robot came to St. Louis intact.  We spent a little time trying to improve the bottom shooter but we eventually decided to leave it as it was


DAY TWO:  Thursday, April 26

We raced into the dome as soon as it opened at 7:30AM.  We started off the day by getting our robot inspected and immediately booking a practice field; however, the field was already fully booked untill 10:00AM.  While waiting, we spent some time cleaning the pits an testing everything that could be tested.  We were able to get onto the practice field a little earlier than scheduled, but we were experiencing communication issues with the field.  It took about half an hour for the field team at the venue to fix the issue with their routers.  By that time, our practice time af expired but we were granted several more minutes because we were not able to use our scheduled time on the field.  After testing the robot on the ractive field, we went onto the competition field for our only practice match of the morning.  In the afternoon, the qualification round began.  The first qualification match was close.  We only needed one robot to balance on the bridge to win, but another team followed us when we told them not to.  Unfortunately that team's robot slipped off the bridge with three seconds left in the game and we were not able to balance the bridge.  The second match was also decided by the performance on the bridge.  While attempting a double balance, the robot balancing with us drove off the bridge, leaving Droid to tip over, bending both the shooting wheel shaft and the dive shafts.  The third match exposed an issue we had with the polycards.  After fixing most of the issues, we were able to scrape a win in our last match of the day!  Exhausted, we headed home and hoped Friday would be a better day.


DAY THREE:  Friday, April 27

Friday was a great day for our team.  Unfortunately we lost our first match of the day, but won the next three and obtained coopreation points in two of these matches.  We did not have any major issues on Friday, which turned out to be fairly smoot.  The robot remained relatively untouched whilst in the pits.


DAY FOUR:  Saturday, April 28

Despite our hard work on Friday, our performance on Saturday was terrible.  Everything went out of sync on the field. There were no real issues with our robot, we just had a bad match.  Unfortunately we did not get picked for the elimination matches this year.  Hopefully we will return to St. Louis next year!