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Team 772
Sabre Bytes Robotics




The Sabre Bytes Robotics Team 772, from LaSalle, Ontario, was established in 2001. Our team consists of approximately 33 high school students and 8 mentors. The team is divided into four sections: Mechanical, Electrical, Programming, and Business (which is further split as Public Relations, and Communications). All of these sections work collaboratively to allow the team to function to its highest potential.


Business in a Box is a free-to-access kit of resources supporting the operations of rookie and veteran teams alike. This kit includes everything from business templates to advice and tutorials

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As one of only 4 Super Hubs in Ontario, our Sabre Hub located within our school provides different types help and resources such as workshops, mentorship, a machine shop and computer lab!

Southwest International logo

The Southwest International is an Off Season event hosted and ran by our team! Interested in attending? Check the link below!


FIRST participants are the innovators and engineers of the future. As such, it’s important that we learn about and protect the environment around us. Through EnvironmentFIRST, we promote sustainable habits and post educational content to Social Media.


FLL Without Borders is a program that introduces students in our community and all over the world to STEM through the FIRST Lego League program. Locally, we’ve partnered with the United Way to run Lego camps at underserved community centres in Windsor Essex County, and have partnered with FIRST Canada, Girl Guides, and local libraries to run Virtual Lego camps during the pandemic.

Sabre Initiatives

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