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All About 772

The Sabre Bytes Robotics Team started in 2001, and has been growing ever since. Our team consist of approximately 40 high school students and 15 mentors. The team is divided into 4 sections: Mechanical,

Electrical, Programming and Business.

The mechanical section is responsible to design and build our robot. The electrical section is responsible including pneumatics, sensors and wiring our robot. The programming section is responsible for writing the robot program to complete the specific tasks we are given. The business section is responsible for keeping up to date with sponsors, writing detailed business plans, producing flyers and planning events.

When our team started, we were one of only a few teams across Ontario, but because of our passion for what we do, we were a driving force behind the growth of the FIRST program in our region. We are now one of the top and most decorated teams in Ontario, having won many competitions and prestigious awards, including the Engineering Inspiration Award and the Chairman’s Award, just to name a few.

Our teams is responsible for starting and sustaining over 95 FLL Challenge and FLL Discover teams, and 24 FRC teams. We also host and run the SouthWest International Event, our 2 day Windsor FLL Tournament, as well as the Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event! Our goal is to establish more FRC, FLL Challenge and FLL Discover teams in our county, and expand FIRST's mission all around to world.

FIRST provides us with a rare opportunity in the hands on world of science and technology. We look forward to sharing our experiences with our community and encouraging elementary and high school students to take advantage of this remarkable program that Sandwich Secondary offers!

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