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The 2003 Game - Stack Attack - is played on a 54-foot long by 24-foot wide playing field. A 2-foot high platform that is 4-feet wide by 12-feet long is located across the center of the field. The platform is accessed from each of its long sides by ramps that are 8 feet long. Two alliances of two teams each compete in each match. Each team consists of a human player, two driver/operators, and a coach. A match consists of a 10-second Human Player Period, a 15-second Autonomous Control Period, and a 1 minute and 45 second Remote Control Period. The object of the game is to acquire and stack plastic storage containers that are initially located on the platform or placed on the playing field by human players. Each alliance must place containers in a scoring zone on its own side of the field to score points. The total number of points earned depends on the count of containers located in each alliance’s scoring zone multiplied by the number of containers in their highest stack. Additional points are awarded for any robot that is positioned on the top of the platform at the end of the match.


The primary source of points in Zone Zeal was placing balls in the mobile goals, then moving the goal into the appropriate zone. For every ball in a goal, an alliance received 1 point. For every goal in the alliance's goal zone at the end of the match, the alliance would receive 10 points. Further, the team would receive 10 points for every robot in the robot zone at the end of the match.

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