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Triple Play is played on a field initially set up as illustrated in the figures below. Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of three teams each compete in each match. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent alliance by placing tetras on or into goals, getting three goals in a row capped with tetras, and/or having all three robots on an alliance in their end zone at the end of the match. 

The Playing Field is a rectangular area in which the Robots compete. The Red and Blue Alliance Stations are rectangular areas, each consisting of three (3) Team Zones, which are located outside of the ends of the Playing Field. The three teams that make up each Alliance play the game from these stations.

DRIVER – A pre-college student team member responsible for operating and controlling the ROBOT. 


END ZONE – The area at each end of the field behind the taped line of that alliance’s color. The borders of the END ZONE are defined by the taped line, the polycarbonate walls of the sides of the playing field and the diamond plate wall of the player station. 


GOAL – Each of the nine field structures into or on top of which teams can place TETRAS. 


HUMAN PLAYER – A pre-college student team member designated as the only team member permitted to introduce the tetras for their team into the field of play/to their robot.


HUMAN PLAYER ZONE – The designated area at the side of the field between the pressure pad sensors and the LOADING ZONES, where the HUMAN PLAYERS may move while loading TETRAS onto ROBOTS. 


LOADING ZONE – The triangular colored area on the floor at the sides of the field where robots may receive and/or retrieve TETRAS that are introduced into the game. 


OWNING A GOAL – A GOAL is OWNED by an alliance if the alliance color corresponds to the last STACKED TETRA placed on the goal. If there are no TETRAS STACKED on the GOAL, the color of the highest TETRA CONTAINED in a goal will determine which alliance OWNS the GOAL. If all CONTAINED TETRAS are at the same height, the alliance with a majority of the CONTAINED TETRAS will OWN the goal. 


ROBOT – Anything (which has passed inspection) that a team places on the field prior to the start of a match. 


ROW – a configuration of three GOALS that are OWNED by the same alliance that are aligned in a straight line.


SCORED – A TETRA is SCORED when it is CONTAINED within a GOAL or STACKED on top of a GOAL.

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