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3 RED human players and 3 BLUE human players stand in their alliance zones. Players must throw retrieved balls over the Plexiglas shields from behind the starting line to replenish alliance robot depleted balls, score single alliance points by manually throwing balls into corner goals, or throwing balls to disrupt opposing alliance ball launches.

Each alliance will have a maximum of 40 balls to start the game. Robots may contain up to a maximum of 10 balls at the start. Any balls not contained within the alliance robots will be provided to the alliance human players.


Robots will attempt to launch balls into the center goal for 3 points. Robots or human players may score a single point by throwing or pushing balls into the corner goals. Balls must stay in the goal and exit via the exit chute to count for a score. Human players may retrieve balls from the corner goals and / or center goal storage container. Human players can replenish any alliance robot and can share balls to maximize their scoring opportunities.

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