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Breakaway is a game played on the FIELD (illustrated in the figure below). Two ALLIANCES, one red and one blue, composed of three FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams each, compete in each MATCH. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent by shooting BALLS into a GOAL, climbing on the ALLIANCE TOWER or PLATFORM, or by lifting an ALLIANCE ROBOT off the PLAYING SURFACE.

The playing FIELD for Breakaway is a 27-foot by 54-foot carpeted area, bounded by two ALLIANCE WALLS and a Guardrail System. The FIELD is covered with carpet (S&S Mills Sequoia-20 ”scotchpine green,” “polar express blue,” and “capitol red”). The FIELD includes two BUMPS that divide the FIELD into three regions (the RED ZONE, the MIDFIELD, and the BLUE ZONE). A 2-inch wide white CENTER LINE runs down the center of the FIELD.


The ALLIANCE WALL is 6½ feet high, 27 feet wide, and defines the ends of the FIELD. The majority of the ALLIANCE WALL is composed of an 18-foot wide barrier protecting the PLAYER STATIONS. This barrier is composed of a three-foot high base of diamond plate aluminum topped with a 3½-foot high transparent acrylic panel. At each side of the Player Station barrier is a 4½-footwide panel containing the GOAL and the VISION TARGET.


The Guardrail System is a horizontal pipe 20 inches above the floor, supported by vertical struts mounted on a three-inch aluminum angle. A shield is attached on the inside of the Guardrail System, extending from the floor to the top of the guardrail, and running the length of the guardrail.The shield is intended to help prevent ROBOTS, in whole or in part, from inadvertently exiting the FIELD during a match. The Guardrail System defines the borders of the FIELD, except where it is bounded by the ALLIANCE WALL.

Five gates in the Guardrail System allow easy access to the FIELD for placement and removal of ROBOTS. The gates are four feet wide, and are closed and shielded during game play.

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